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What are the most popular gadgets of all time?

Smartphones, consoles, MP3 players; whatever their purpose, we all love gadgets. They might be a luxury item or they might be needed to make our lives easier. We anticipate new releases and are in awe at how much can fit in a tiny package. We’ve looked at the facts and figures of some of the biggest selling gadgets ever.

PlayStation 2


Released on the turn of the millennium, PlayStation’s second console is still the biggest selling console. The sleek black design was a definite upgrade on the original and was shaved down to a slimline version just four years later. Sony may have discontinued the model back in 2012 but many of us still hold this console dear. It’s no surprise the PlayStation 2 has sold more than 157 million consoles worldwide.

Sony Walkman


Remember the good old days when you’d play a CD or cassette on a portable player? Sure, the songs may have skipped if you ran and it bashed against you, but all in all music lovers rejoiced over the convenient invention. Before the iPod, the Sony Walkman was a beloved gadget and has sold more than 400 million items in its lifetime. It belongs in a museum now but it will stand the test of time as one of the best-loved and best-selling gadgets ever.

BlackBerry devices


Dubbed one of the original smartphones and kind of endorsed by the former President of the United States Barack Obama, BlackBerry was the gadget to have before iPhones really hit their stride. BlackBerry was a handheld pager first before branching further to the realm of the smartphone. With a full keyboard on the phone, it was so easy for those who needed the phones for emails and business.  At their peak, BlackBerry had 80,000,000 active users but sadly these phones have become a thing of the past.

Nintendo Game Boy


An innovator in handheld gaming, Nintendo’s Game Boy has sold almost 120 million items since it was released in 1989. Plenty of updates and editions were added such as the Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Light and the Game Boy Pocket. This handheld console used cartridges of your favourite games to be played on a little screen. It paved the way for the Nintendo DS, which sold around 40 million more items in its lifetime.


iphone 5s

Gadgets don’t get much bigger than Apple’s greatest achievement to date. The iPhone completely changed our lives altogether. It may have made its predecessor the iPod almost obsolete but it changed the course of how phones were made and functioned forever. So far, more than one billion iPhone models have been sold and this will no doubt continue. TIME’s most influential gadget of all time is head and shoulders above the rest.

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