The Best Tech Hacks You Need to Know

Have you ever wanted to improve the way you use a phone or laptop to make life that little bit easier? Tech hacks are a super fun way to speed up your use of technology, curb your boredom and most of all – show off your newfound knowledge! Find out …

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Nokia unveil 5 camera PureView phone

The latest Nokia smartphone is turning heads. The Nokia 9 PureView phone has showcased with 5 cameras on the back and one front-facing camera. The limited edition phone doesn’t have optical zoom or wide-angle lenses – instead, the rear cameras will allow for the best possible shot as is. The …

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£18 million funding awarded for immersive experiences

Government and industry funding of £18 million has been awarded to help develop immersive experiences. The projects will cover virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality which will be tested on real audiences. The projects will develop in three areas: performance, visitor experience and sports entertainment. Performance will see organisations …

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Tech that the smartphone has made obsolete

It’s a simple fact that smartphones have made our lives so much easier – for better or for worse. Manufacturers have combined a whole heap of the things we need for daily life and put them into a compact piece of tech. That being said, as the smartphone has continued …

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10 tech items that have changed our lives

Our day to day lives are consumed with tech items. Some devices have set the world alight and some have saved us bags of times with their intuition. We looked at 10 tech items that have changed our lives forever. Digital camera Photography is key when it comes to collecting …

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