Tech that the smartphone has made obsolete

It’s a simple fact that smartphones have made our lives so much easier ”“ for better or for worse. Manufacturers have combined a whole heap of the things we need for daily life and put them into a compact piece of tech.

That being said, as the smartphone has continued to advance, we’re leaving some important devices behind as a result! We took a look at tech that has become obsolete, thanks to the smartphone.

Digital camera

Long, long gone are the days of wind-up cameras where you’d have to get the film developed. Even now, long gone are the days of the digital camera, which it replaced. In the early to mid 2000s, it was all the rage to have a digital camera. You could see the picture you’d taken (not a luxury with disposable cameras) and it was quick to upload them to your computer or laptop.

Now, smartphones come equipped with cameras that are on par with and even exceed digital cameras. It’s much easier to use the camera built into the item you use everyday rather than carrying a camera around. You can upload straight to your social media feeds, too.



Was this Apple’s intention when they brought out the iPhone? Who knows, but it’s had a detrimental effect on their once prized product. iPods or MP3 players have become obsolete because you can already store music on your phone ”“ or, you can download streaming apps to get the music you don’t have.

Portable DVD players

Portable DVD players were pretty amazing when they were made available. Long journeys became a lot more bearable, as you could pack some of your favourite movies to kill time. Whereas now, you can download movies straight to your phone to watch. It’ll take up quite a lot of room though, and it’ll suck your data dry if you’re streaming. Maybe that portable player doesn’t sound too bad!

Voice Recorders

This might be a little bit more niche but for those who needs to record speeches or hold interviews, having a dedicated voice recorder is becoming less common. You guessed why ”“ because a voice recorder option is built into their phone. This might change depending on what your memory will allow but it’s quick and easy to take a recording straight from your phone.


GPS in itself was a revolutionary item. No more faffing around with maps when you wanted to go somewhere ”“ just type in the address and it would tell you where to go. Now, your phone already has this option for you.

Portable games consoles

When the Gameboy was first launched, it made gaming easier than ever before! You could carry your console in your pocket ”“ but you would need additional pockets to keep those games handy. The Gameboy hit the shelves almost 30 years ago and since then, handheld gaming has gotten smaller, thinner, more wide-reaching. Now, you can download apps of games straight onto your phone. The only issue is, gaming on your phone seriously drains the battery!

Printers and scanners

Scanning and printing documents used to make admin so easy. Printing a ticket for a concert meant avoiding the handling fee which is a win win too! It’s not a necessity anymore as you can get tickets, documents ”“ just about everything send straight to your phone. It’s not necessarily done to be more environmentally friendly; it’s just more convenient!

So, what else will the smartphone replace? The possibilities are endless as phone technology continues to advance! Time to upgrade your phone? Get a great deal on refurbished phones with musicMagpie – it even comes complete with a 12-month warranty!