7 Disney classics we want to see remade

In the next 12 months, Disney will be releasing five live action remakes of some of their best-loved films. That isn't even taking into account the others in the pipeline!

If we had run of the Disney office, these are the films we'd love to see remade.


The 2012 film Brave gives us serious Game of Thrones vibes and we think it could easily be a live-action remake. Set in Medieval Scotland, we meet Merida who is the eldest of her family's clan. As a girl, she's expected to marry into another family to keep tradition alive. It's not a tradition she wants to keep, causing tension within her family.

Merida visits a witch "" where you'll spot the carving that looks suspiciously like Sulley from Monsters Inc, just one of the many Easter Eggs Disney are famous for "" but her spell creates more problems. Merida must mend the bond torn by pride to reverse the effects of the spell and save her mother. In the end credits, you'll find a tribute to Steve Jobs who co-founded Pixar.


It's probably one of the biggest tear-jerkers Disney/Pixar has every created but it would be amazing to see Carl Fredricksen come to life. We get a glimpse into Carl's life from childhood, when he meets his sweetheart Ellie and through their time together. They plan to follow in their explorer idol Charles Muntz's footsteps to go to Paradise Falls, they try to start their own family and they stick by each other's side until Ellie passes away.

Even though Ellie didn't live long enough, Carl makes it his mission to get to Paradise Falls "" even if it takes hundreds of balloons strapped to his house to do it. He accidentally brings Wilderness Explorer Russell along for the ride and sees the true side of his childhood hero.


It can only be a matter of time before this 90s gem is rejigged as a live-action classic. Set in 1607, Pocahontas details the English sailing to the New World to settle. The English and the Powhatan tribe cross paths when John Smith and Pocahontas meet. Their romance is doomed from the start as Pocahontas is set to marry a Native man, at the request of her father and Smith's men are there to take gold from the tribe.

Not only does the film have a strong female lead (it is Disney, but still), super adorable animal characters but it's also got an outstanding soundtrack to boot. Do the right thing Disney, and get this one in the works.

Oliver and Company

Considering a live remake of Lady and the Tramp is set for release before the end of the year, we think it's plausible that Oliver and Company could receive similar treatment. Based on the Charles Dickens story, Oliver Twist, the Oliver in this film is a little orphaned kitten. He follows a mongrel named Dodger, falling in with the gang he is a part of.

In order to pay back a loan shark, Fagin puts a ransom on Oliver after he is adopted "" but his owner is then ransomed too by the loan shark. The animated version pulled it out of the bag with their cast that included Billy Joel and Bette Midler so we'd expect big things from a live action remake.

The Aristocats

The animated original is almost 50 years old, so isn't that the perfect reason to remake it? If you haven't seen it "" it's about a wealthy old woman who decides to leave her fortune to her cats until their deaths, and then to her butler. It didn't go down very well, as you can imagine. So, Edgar the butler decides to get rid of the cat Duchess and her kittens Berlioz, Marie and Toulouse so he can have the fortune himself.

The kitty family, with the help of alley cat Thomas O'Malley, make their way back home but not before Edgar tries to ship them off to Timbuktu. Edgar ends up being shipped off himself, is written out of the will and O'Malley ends up living with the cats.

The Princess and the Frog

It may only be 10 years old but there's no denying just how good The Princess and the Frog truly is "" giving it the live action treatment is just what it needs. The protagonist Tiana has her dreams set on owning her own restaurant "" a dream she shared with her dad until he passed away "" and she works her socks off to achieve it.

Prince Naveen arrives in New Orleans, determined to marry a rich southern belle and the perfect candidate is Tiana's best friend Charlotte. Naveen visits the Shadow Man to make his dreams come true but they aren't what he expects. He kisses Tiana thinking she's a princess but as she isn't, she's also turned into a frog. The film broke ground as Tiana became the first African American Disney princess.

Brother Bear

The representation of Baloo was knocked out of the park with 2016's The Jungle Book so we can imagine bringing Koda and Kenai will be a breeze. Brother Bear was nominated for Best Animated Feature, losing out to Finding Nemo and Phil Collins worked his magic on the soundtrack so you know it's a winner.

In the film, three brothers return to their tribe in post-ice age Alaska so the youngest, Kenai can receive his totem in the shape of his animal. He gets a bear of love which he doesn't like, as his brothers received more noble animals. He's got a lesson to learn, transforming into a bear and gaining empathy for his new found friend Koda.

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