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7 Ways to stay social during isolation

Whilst many of us have adopted self-isolating routines already, it became all the more real after Boris Johnson recently  announced new measures to encourage social distancing. Naturally, family and friends who live distantly from each other are uncertain about the next few weeks. 

If you're feeling your social needs dwindle like a depleting Sims bar, fear not. There are so many ways you can keep in touch, stay social and be productive!

Below are just some of many ways people are staying social and taking steps to counter feelings of loneliness.

Take online classes

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Whether that be in a particular sport, language, craft or some other skill – find an activity you're keen on pursuing and take a live class! Some PTs are even running classes online since gyms have shut. Places like The Gym Group are running free ones with your membership! So it's worth finding out if your local gym or PTs can run some online classes for you.

Popular sites for online classes:

Video calls

The most obvious one that springs to mind is making regular video calls with your loved ones. Use video calls to host dinner parties, have a Netflix party, or simply have a rant about the whole situation.

Whilst messaging each other is all fine and dandy, you'd be surprised how a family face smiling and waving on camera can make the world of a difference. Use apps like WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom for smooth-running video chats.

Learn a new language

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Finally want to crack on with those language lessons? Now is the time to do so! With more time at your disposal, why not invest in some online live classes or digital material to help you navigate a new language? 

One part of learning a language is, you've guessed it, talking! Talking to someone who knows the language, via message or calls. So once you feel comfortable doing so – why not practice your newfound knowledge with someone else?

Here are some fantastic sites and apps to help you learn a new language:

Get cultural with virtual museum tours

Getting your art gallery or museum fix isn't impossible! Thanks to numerous cultural hubs posting on instagram under the hashtag #MuseumFromHome – you can keep up to date with the latest exhibitions and shows in your favourite cultural hubs. 

Get embed codes from these links:

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Alla har rätt till kultur! Genom digitala medier kan vi komma till dig när du inte kan eller har svÃ¥rt att komma till oss. I vÃ¥r nya serie #veckansverk kan du uppleva konst ur vÃ¥ra samlingar oavsett vart du är. Först ut i serien är Edvard Munchs mÃ¥lning ”Den sjuka flickan” frÃ¥n 1896. Skildringar av sjukdom och död har en stark tradition i konsthistorien. Verket knyter an till Edvard Munchs sÃ¥ kallade ”Livsfris”, en serie mÃ¥lningar om livets faser, inte minst sjukdom, Ã¥ngest och död. Liksom verken ur ”Livsfris” har det här motivet en bakgrund i konstnärens eget liv. Munchs syster Sofie dog i tuberkulos vid femton Ã¥rs Ã¥lder. I mÃ¥lningens yta har Munch rispat och skrapat i färgen, kanske för att skapa en effekt, eller för att förmedla sina egna starka känslor inför motivet med systern. SÃ¥dana här bilder kan kopplas till en socialrealistisk strävan, att man ville visa även det svÃ¥ra i livet. MÃ¥nga andra konstnärer under den här tiden mÃ¥lade bilder av sjuka väldigt verklighetstroget. Munch däremot löste upp motivet till en vibrerande vision där känslorna är viktigare än att verket exakt avbildar verkligheten. Edvard Munch (1863 â€" 1944), Den sjuka flickan, 1896. © Göteborgs konstmuseum. #munch #edwardmunch #densjukaflickan #museumfromhome #digiseum #museumhemma #konst #art #1800s #hemmamuseum #highlights #gkmhighlights Ps. Museet är öppet som vanligt fast vi bevakar att ett för stort antal besökare inte vistas samtidigt i museets publika ytor. HÃ¥ll huvudet kallt, hjärtat varmt och händerna rena.

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Play games online

There's a whole host of games you can play online via your PC or console! If you're a more traditional table-top gamer, games like DnD are available to play online, along with hundreds of others on Tabletopia

Most console games have an online feature where you can play with or against other players throughout the globe – just plug in a microphone and get strategising!

Try different recipes together

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Maybe you've always wanted to see if you could become star baker of the household, or maybe you're simply bored of your usual go-to meals. Now's the time to wack out the cookbook, experiment and learn some new recipes. Better yet, use what you have in already and get creative! 

Whilst shops are safe to visit, only do your food shop when it's absolutely necessary and be mindful of waste or hoarding more items than you actually need.

Take it a step further and start a new healthy hobby – planting your own fruits and vegetables from your home!

Exercise with your household

At the time of writing this, you are allowed to perform one form of exercise outside per day. You're also allowed to do this with the people living in your current household.

Look up some exercises you can perform in the outdoors such as running, brisk walking, jogging, yoga, circuits and much more! Make it that little bit more fun by making it a household competition!

We understand that this adjustment is going to take time and we hope this guide has helped make things a little easier. If you need any tech items to get you started with the above, our refurbished iPads, MacBooks and Headphones are a fantastic place to start.