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Which iPhone 13 should you buy?

It’s approaching the iPhone upgrade season! And while many will be itching to get their hands on the latest iPhone, some are opting to save money with the iPhone 13.

For those wanting a new iPhone without having to pay the new iPhone price, the iPhone 13 range is a good option. But with so many features and specs to choose from, which iPhone 13 model should you buy? 

Keep reading to learn more about each iPhone 13 model and find the best device for you!

What similarities do the iPhone 13 models have?

a pink iPhone 13 next to a blue iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 models have some fantastic shared features that are sure to appeal to any Apple fan! 

For instance, all models have the same sleek square design and OLED display. All four models also share the same front-facing camera and A15 chip. And of course, all models come equipped with Face ID, which replaces the prior Touch ID system. 

Another great feature of the iPhone 13 range is its water and dust resistance. All models are rated IP68 water and dust resistant, meaning they can withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

iPhone 13

Apple decided to ditch the 64GB storage size, making 128GB the lowest capacity on the iPhone 13 model. However, this has made way for a bigger capacity of 512GB! Weighing in at 174g, the iPhone 13 is also the second lightest of the iPhone 13 range. 

The iPhone 13 has grown slightly compared to its predecessor, with a 6.1-inch screen. This screen size is now the new standard size for the iPhone 13 range, so if you’re looking for something smaller, you should take a look at the iPhone 13 Mini. 

While all iPhone 13 models come with an OLED display, the iPhone 13 sports a 60Hz OLED display. Although it’s not the fastest display in the iPhone 13 range, it’s a massive improvement from both the iPhone 11 and 12 models!

iPhone 13 Mini

a space grey iPhone 13 Mini in the palm of a hand

For those that were happy with the iPhone 12 or prior when it comes to phone size, you may want to consider the iPhone 13 Mini. The iPhone 13 Mini is approximately 5.4 inches, only 0.3 inches smaller than the standard iPhone 12.

Like the iPhone 13, the Mini comes in three storage sizes ranging from 128GB – 512GB and six vibrant colours: Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Pink, Green, and Product (red). Both models also share the same 60Hz OLED display and two 12-megapixel wide and ultrawide lensed cameras.

Besides being the smallest iPhone 13 model, the iPhone 13 Mini is also the lightest, weighing just 141g – so if you like a small and lightweight iPhone, the iPhone 13 Mini is a great option.

However, with a reduced size and weight, there will be some drawbacks. The iPhone 13 Mini has the smallest battery out of the range, meaning the charge won’t last as long compared to the other models. Don’t let this affect your decision, though – the iPhone 13 Mini can last up to 17 hours, which is 2 hours longer than the iPhone 12 Mini and the same as the iPhone 12!

iPhone 13 Pro

If you enjoy having a higher-quality camera and some extra phone features, the iPhone 13 Pro is a great choice! 

The iPhone 13 Pro comes with an extra capacity option of 1TB, the largest ever storage size for an iPhone so far! The Pro model also comes in a series of five colours different from that of the 13 and 13 Mini: Silver, Graphite, Gold, Sierra Blue, and Alpine Green.

Like the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro has a screen size of 6.1-inches – the new standard iPhone size. However, the Pro model can last up to 22 hours thanks to its larger battery, making it slightly heavier than the iPhone 13 at 204g.

The similarities to the iPhone 13 stop there, as the iPhone 13 Pro is equipped with several new and improved features. The 60Hz OLED display has been swapped out for a 120Hz display, giving users an even smoother scrolling experience.

The iPhone 13 Pro has three rear 12-megapixel cameras with wide, ultrawide and telephoto lenses. The ProRes video feature has also been improved from the previous iPhone 12 Pro version.

The Pro model also has a LIDAR sensor for enhanced distance accuracy and measurement for augmented reality. There are also a few extra improved features such as night mode, portrait mode and macro mode.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

a space grey iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is very similar to the iPhone 13 Pro, sharing many features such as the 120Hz OLED display, LIDAR sensor, and cameras. The Pro Max is also available in the same colours and storage sizes as the iPhone 13 Pro.

The main difference between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and any of the other 13 models is its size. Weighing a hefty 240g and with a screen of 6.7-inches, the 13 Pro Max is the largest and heaviest of the iPhone 13 range.

Along with the advantageous Pro features, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has amazingly long-lasting battery life. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the best battery life ever on an iPhone, with 28 hours of video playback.

If you’re looking for a larger screen and a great battery life, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a perfect choice!

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