6 Cheap back to uni essentials every student needs!

It's almost time to head back to uni! And what does that mean? Time to start stocking up on all the must-have back to uni essentials! But don't worry, you don't have to break the bank to get everything you need. Here are some top back to uni tech and accessories you can get on the cheap!


A laptop is an absolute necessity for any student. But for those that can't afford a shiny new MacBook or students that want to make their money go further, there are other options than paying hundreds of pounds for the latest laptop!

Most students will only need a computer to last them around 3-5 years while they complete their course. So is there really any point in buying a brand new laptop for it to gather dust once you've graduated? A simple switch to buying refurbished could be the answer to your money woes!

You can buy a refurbished MacBook for as little as £194.99, much cheaper than buying a brand new MacBook from Apple! And for those that can't afford to buy a laptop upfront, you can choose to rent out your device with affordable monthly instalments. Renting your laptop and other uni essentials means you'll have access to the latest tech, with FREE yearly upgrades if you want to keep renting!

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With so much work and such little time, it's not unusual for students to forget to charge up their devices before heading out to class. That's where a power bank comes in handy!

Portable, lightweight, and packed full of juice, a power bank is the perfect cheap back to uni essential for those that want extra battery on the go. You'll be able to charge your laptop, tablet, phone and more without needing to hunt down a power outlet.

Whether you're looking to charge up your phone while you sit in your lecture or you want to power up your laptop on the commute to class, a power bank is the easiest option!


When it comes to budgeting for all the uni essentials you'll need, it can get a bit overwhelming. That's why a refurbished iPad is the perfect solution for any student on a budget! 

For starters, an iPad can do everything you need it to do, from taking notes in lectures to researching essay topics in the library. They're also much lighter and more portable than a laptop, making them ideal for carrying around campus between classes! 

Plus, there are tons of apps available that can make your uni life easier – from tracking your expenses to editing design work with Adobe Creative Cloud. So if you're looking for an affordable and versatile uni essential, an iPad is a perfect choice!

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Apple Pencil

For those studying a design course or enthusiastically taking notes during lectures, an Apple Pencil could make your uni experience a whole lot easier! 

To be used alongside an iPad, the Apple Pencil makes note-taking, drawing and precise editing work a breeze. If you already have an iPad and are planning on using it as a laptop alternative, the Apple Pencil will optimise its performance!

The Apple Pencil is essentially a high-tech stylus for iPad touch screens – or a mouse alternative for those using an iPad in place of a computer. This handy tool gives you more precision than just using your fingertip and comes with many impressive sketching features for aspiring designers to use.

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Wireless earbuds

While wireless headphones aren't the most essential piece of tech when it comes to your coursework, they're still a valid must-have for all students. As any student knows, uni can be hectic, so having a good set of wireless earbuds is essential! 

They allow you to study in peace, join in on virtual lectures and listen to music while you're on the go. And with the option to grab a cheap deal by buying refurbished, there's no excuse not to own a pair!

From winding down with music after a long day of lectures to revising for your exam with audiobooks, there are plenty of ways wireless earbuds can be used to help students while away at university.

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External hard drive/USB stick

There's nothing worse than spending hours on coursework for your computer to crash, leaving you with nothing but heartache. To avoid losing your work, you'll need an external hard drive or USB stick.

You can use an external hard drive to back up your uni work and your entire laptop or computer. This might be a good idea if you carry your laptop or tablet back and forth from classes, as they're easy to break. 

External hard drives range from as little as £25 up to £100 dependant on the storage size. If you'd prefer an even cheaper option, a simple USB stick will do the job for just a few pounds! While you can't back up your devices on a USB stick, you should be able to safely store all your coursework on one.

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