Which iPhone models are being traded in most before the iPhone launch?

Many people tend to trade in their old phones for cash before buying a new one. This is especially popular around the time of the new iPhone release or when the new iPhone models are announced. 

Older iPhone models lose their value once a new model is released. So if you’re upgrading or holding onto older iPhone models you no longer use, you may as well trade-in to get the best price for them while you still can! 

If you’re planning on trading in your old iPhone prior to the iPhone 14 launch and want to know which iPhone devices are the most popular among Apple users to trade in, we have answers!

Popular iPhone models to trade in right now

iPhone 12 models

One of the most popular traded in iPhone leading up to the new launch is the iPhone 12 range. The phone series includes the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 

The iPhone 12 series was released in October 2020, making it almost two years old. Due to most phone contracts lasting around 2 years, many iPhone 12 contracts are coming to an end, making this series a popular iPhone to trade in. 

With the new iPhone release approaching, many people are trading in their iPhone 12 to get the most money. As the iPhone 12 range is almost two years old most of the features and specs are still somewhat new, so the iPhone range still holds a decent amount of value.

Got an iPhone 12 series phone you want to upgrade? Trade in your iPhone 12 for cash towards the new iPhone 14 today!

iPhone SE (2020)

Another iPhone model that’s only two years old is the iPhone SE 2nd generation. 

The iPhone SE has a 4.7-inch display and was released in 2020. As its purpose was to make the iPhone more affordable, it’s not a top-tier device that’s worth a whole lot, but it’s still a very capable phone nonetheless!

Many iPhone SE owners are trading in their device for the new iPhone, as their two-year contracts are ending. Although this device is only two years old, the iPhone SE range (including the 2020 model) doesn’t hold that high of a trade-in value.

While the value of the iPhone SE (2020) doesn’t stack up against other similar-aged iPhone models like the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, its trade-in price is still worth it just to make your upgrade that bit cheaper!

Trade in your iPhone SE to get cash towards your upgrade!

iPhone 11 models

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are some of the most traded in Apple devices prior to the new iPhone 14 launch this September.

These models are three years old, meaning they’re the perfect trade-in age for those with a three-year contract! As the features aren’t as newer iPhone devices, the trade-in value will be lower compared to newer models. However, they’re still well worth trading in! 

If you’re looking to upgrade to one of the new iPhone 14 models, you can trade in your iPhone 11 series device and get some money towards your new phone!

Upgrade to the iPhone 14 and trade in your iPhone 11 for cash!

iPhone X models

Last year, the iPhone XR, iPhone X, and iPhone XS Max all made the top trade-in list. This year seems to be no different!

The iPhone X series is a slightly more complicated set of devices. The original iPhone X was actually released a whole year before the rest of the X models! In 2017, the iPhone X launched alongside the iPhone 8. Then, one year later, Apple released the iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

The iPhone XR was named the cheaper iPhone alternative. So even though it’s one year newer, the iPhone XR holds around the same worth as the iPhone X. The standard iPhone for 2018 was the iPhone XS model. The iPhone XS Max was and still is the most expensive due to its increased size.

If you’ve got any iPhone X models, it’s worth trading in now before they lose their value over the years!

Got an iPhone X series phone? Trade in your iPhone XS for cash towards the new iPhone 14 today!

iPhone 8

The oldest iPhone model that’s still a popular trade-in model is the iPhone 8 – especially the iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were released in 2017, making them five years old! Many iPhone 8 series users are opting to trade in their device for a newer model, causing a rise in iPhone 8 trade-ins. 

As the device is five years old, the iPhone 8 range has lost some value due to depreciation over the years. You’ll still get around £100 or so for your iPhone 8 model, so it’s definitely worth trading in if you want to splash out on the pricier new iPhone 14 series!

Upgrade to the iPhone 14 and trade in your iPhone 8 Plus for cash!

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