What accessories do I need with my iPhone?

Apple products are like no other, and the iPhone is no exception. After cashing out a fair chunk of money on your new iPhone, you’ll want to make the most of your purchase. 

But with the hundreds of phone accessories on the market, which are worth buying? From phone cases to headphones, here are all the must-have iPhone accessories you need!

Apple AirPods

Want to stream your music without being tethered to your device? Go wireless with Apple AirPods! There are currently four types of AirPods on the market, ranging from over-ear headphones to in-ear earbuds, all of which can be connected to iPhone models with iOS 13 or later.

AirPods are praised for their simplicity, using Bluetooth to easily connect to your devices (including your non-Apple products) and auto power-off to save battery. Although other wireless earbuds are available, none work quite as seamlessly with iPhone devices like the AirPods range, making them one of the top must-have iPhone accessories for music lovers! 

While AirPods can be on the pricey side when it comes to earphones, there are multiple models to choose from with an array of different features and specs. Here are the current models:

  • AirPods 2nd Gen (2019)
  • AirPods Pro (2019)
  • AirPods Max (2020)
  • AirPods 3rd Gen (2021)

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Power Bank

While you can adjust your usage and settings to make your iPhone battery last longer, sometimes you need an extra boost throughout the day. If you’re known for draining your smartphone’s battery on a daily basis, a power bank is a great iPhone accessory to try.

For those that need their daily dose of social media browsing or those that can’t seem to find a power outlet while they’re out and about, power banks are the perfect solution for a dying iPhone! 

You can find a variety of power banks with a wide range of wattage and battery life, so you can find the best power bank for your usage habits. Some even come with solar panels – perfect for those forgetful few that never remember to recharge their power banks!

iPhone Case

If you’ve just bought an iPhone, you should consider buying a case to protect it! 

Smartphones are notoriously easy to damage, and the iPhone is no exception. Considering the prices of iPhone devices, it makes sense to buy a cheap case to avoid paying expensive repair bills. Plus, there are a variety of styles and colours to browse, so you can find the perfect case to suit you! 

The effectiveness of your iPhone case will depend on the type of case you choose. Some cases are equipped with shock-absorbing bumpers and drop protection technology to give maximum protection, while others, such as hard shell cases, will only protect from light scratches.

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Apple MagSafe Charger

There are a ton of accessories out there to choose from, but one accessory you should consider is an Apple MagSafe Charger. 

Made to improve battery life and reduce charging accidents, the Apple MagSafe Charger is essentially a Qi-enabled wireless charger that attaches to select iPhone models via a magnet. 

This unique magnetic feature is available on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, along with other MagSafe-enabled accessories. 

The MagSafe Charger is designed to charge your iPhone quickly and safely by optimising power delivery and adapting to factors such as temperature and system activity. This smart feature helps to keep your iPhone’s battery health in check so your phone can last throughout the day. 

By adding the magnetic element to the MagSafe Charger, you’ll be able to charge your phone in peace, knowing that your charger or iPhone charging port won’t be damaged by accidental cable-pulling.

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