6 of the best phones for gaming

Smartphones haven’t ever really been synonymous with gaming. The power in consoles and gaming computers is huge and a teeny tiny little smartphone wouldn’t be able to handle the strain of what a real gamer would need from the graphics and in-play styles. However, a couple of phones make the …

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What is the best way to sell my phone?

You’re probably wondering “what is the best way to sell my phone?” – otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this post! Well, we’ve answered some of the internet’s most burning phone-selling-related questions to help you out. Read on to find out everything you need to know about selling your phone! Where …

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How to switch from Android to Apple

The age old question of whether you’re into Android or iOS can see us all get a little bit tribal. When the latest phones come out, it’s totally understandable if you want to jump ship and join the dark side! If it’s time for you to move away from the …

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How to keep your phone performing well as it ages

Trying to get the most out of our phones is important. We spend a lot on these little devices, so we want to get out money’s worth! Plus, we fall in love with our phones and don’t want to change them too often. So, how to you make sure your …

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Donald Trump doesn’t know Tim Cook’s name

Another day, another blunder from President Trump. In a meeting that included Apple’s Chief Executive Officer – and arguably, one of the most recognisable people in technology – Tim Cook, Donald Trump mispronounced Cook’s name. And by mispronounced, we mean got it completely wrong. In regards to job increases and …

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6 tech predictions that came true

Who knew the internet would be such an important part of our lives when it started out? In fact, who knew the internet would be a thing at all? It turns out that over centuries (yes, literally), plenty of people have had wild predictions for what is to come in …

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230 new emojis to be released this year

The Unicode Consortium has approved a total of 230 new emojis to be released with the 2019 Emoji 12.0 update. The update covers a number of bases with the inclusion of a Yawning Face, Gender Inclusive couples in a range of skin tones and a kneeling person. Disabilities will be …

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