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Apple Computers

  • Powers on/remains on (when not plugged into charger)
  • All keys and touchpad work
  • All drives work
  • Complete with RAM and HDD
  • Charger and battery present
  • No more than light wear and tear (no cracks, water damage or damage to screen)

  • Powers on/remains on (when not plugged into charger)
  • Keyboard can be missing 2 or more keys
  • All drives work
  • Complete with RAM and HDD
  • Heavy wear and tear/scratches/dents
  • 3 or more of the above faults render it Faulty

  • Does not power on/remain on (when plugged into charger)
  • Smashed or heavy wear to screen
  • Liquid damage
  • Missing or faulty HDD
  • Faulty Ports
  • BIOS or power on password (note this is not a password to get into Mac OS)
  • 3 or more Poor condition faults