New Apple Watch Rumours: Release Date, Features and Specs

With the Series 7 now on the market, it’s time to make way for new Apple Watch rumours surrounding the Series 8. There are already early rumours about the next Apple Watch range and we can’t wait to see what Apple has up their sleeve for 2022! We’ll be looking at potential prices, release dates, design, names and what’s currently in development for next year!

When will the new Apple Watch be released?

Apple Watch

New Apple Watch models are almost always launched at the same keynote event as the iPhone.

Apple follows a consistent launch schedule, with their iPhone keynote event usually taking place on the first or second Tuesday of September. If they stick to it this year, we should see the new Apple Watch on the 6th or 13th September.

The new Apple Watch will be available to buy a few weeks later, with the 23rd September seeming like the safest bet.

The main caveat to the above is that Apple could change their plans, and if they do we won’t know about it until it's happened. There is also a chance that global supply issues could delay the launch, although we haven’t heard anything to suggest this is a possibility.

What will the new Apple Watch be called?

Apple Watch Pink Background

Unlike the iPhone, Apple has remained remarkably consistent with the Apple Watch’s naming conventions. It is almost certain that the new Apple Watch will be christened the Series 8, with no qualifying subnames like ‘Pro Max’.

Various sources claim that Apple will unveil an update to the budget Apple Watch SE range as well. Again, we’re not expecting any major deviations from naming convention here.

How much will the Apple Watch cost?

We haven’t stumbled upon any major rumours regarding the Apple Watch’s price, which is usually a good sign. The Apple Watch Series 7 started from £369, and we’d expect the new Apple Watch to cost roughly the same (with potentially a small increase).

Apple’s budget option, the Watch SE, costs £250 and, again, we don’t expect that to rise or fall dramatically.

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What features can we expect?

Apple Watch grey background

Apple is expected to overhaul the Apple Watch’s design, with a new flat-edged build and a totally flat display (similar to the latest iPhone models).

Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants has suggested Apple will also introduce a larger design to accompany the traditional 41mm and 45mm size options. We don’t know how big that new size will be though!

If you’re into extreme sports (or you’re just clumsy), you’ll be pleased to know Apple will apparently release a Series 8 model with rugged casing and improved impact resistance - ideal if you regularly climb rocks, fall off skateboards or just generally clang your Apple Watch into things. There’s good news for triathletes/Ironman competitors too, as Watch OS9 will allow them to switch seamlessly between run, swim and bike modes.

A whole host of new health features are rumoured too, including blood pressure monitoring, a thermometer for fertility and sleep tracking, sleep apnea detection and diabetes detection. However, some of these features may not make the Series 8 release and will instead appear on a later model.

Some sources suggest the new Apple Watch will feature car crash detection, with the Watch’s various sensors measuring spikes in gravitational force and contacting the emergency services if they indicate a crash has occurred.

Finally, we will likely see the usual Apple Watch generational improvements. The S8 chip will get some speed and efficiency improvements and there will almost certainly be new watch faces to choose from.

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