The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Pepperplate

What is it?

Pepperplate lets you save recipes you find on the web in one easy-to-use app, which you can then export into a shopping list.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a superstar chef, you can also upload your own recipes.

How does it make life surprisingly easy?

No more trawling the web for recipes! They're all in one app.

Exporting all the ingredients into a shopping list is useful, while the meal planner means you'll never wonder what to have for tea again.

Basically, Pepperplate has anything food-related covered.

The best bit

All the money and calories you'll save using the meal planner. You can plan exactly what you're going to eat over the course of a week, and export a shopping list with exactly what you need on it. It's food-based efficiency at its finest.

The downside…

It doesn't cook the meals for you, and it can't make you a better chef. Also, it doesn't force you to stick to your meal plan, which might lead to you having the odd cheeky McDonalds…

Download Pepperplate: iOS | Android

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