Does iPhone 14 Support Faster Charging Speeds?

The iPhone 14 range has had a lot of upgrades, especially the Pro models, including a faster processor, an upgraded display, a larger camera and more. However, there don't seem to be any significant changes to the iPhone 14 battery that we would have expected from a newer iPhone. 

Keep reading to find out everything about the iPhone 14 fast charging capabilities, such as iPhone 14 Pro charging speed, battery life, iPhone 14 charging time and more!

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iPhone 14 battery life

iPhone with the battery on display

All four models in the iPhone 14 series have a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and have an extra hour of battery compared to last year's iPhone 13 battery life. 

Each iPhone 14 model has a different battery life in terms of video playback and audio playback:

iPhone 14

  • Video playback – Up to 20 hours
  • Video playback (streamed) – Up to 16 hours
  • Audio playback – Up to 80 hours


iPhone 14 Plus

  • Video playback – Up to 26 hours
  • Video playback (streamed) – Up to 20 hours
  • Audio playback – Up to 100 hours


iPhone 14 Pro

  • Video playback – Up to 23 hours
  • Video playback (streamed) – Up to 20 hours
  • Audio playback – Up to 75 hours


iPhone 14 Pro Max

  • Video playback – Up to 29 hours
  • Video playback (streamed) – Up to 25 hours
  • Audio playback – Up to 95 hours

How to charge iPhone 14?

If you're wondering does iPhone 14 come with a charger, the answer is a little complex. The iPhone 14 models don't come with a charging adapter, but you will find a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box.

Plus, if you are a first-time iPhone buyer or just don't have a compatible adapter, you will need to buy one separately. Apple stopped selling the iPhone with a charging adapter in the box since 2020.

iPhone 14 fast charging

iPhone 14 with clear screen

Even though the battery capacities of the iPhone have increased over the last couple of years, faster-charging speeds for the iPhone series aren't as quick as some would hope.

With that said, according to battery specs from Apple, you can get up to 50% charge in 30 minutes with a 20W charging adapter or higher. 

But if you're finding your iPhone 14 is charging slower than expected, try a charging adapter with a higher wattage, such as 30W.

iPhone 14 wireless charging

All of the iPhone 14 series have wireless charging capabilities. According to Apple, they have MagSafe wireless charging of up to 15W and Qi wireless charging of up to 7.5W. 

Please note, you will need to buy a wireless or MagSafe charger separately if you don't already have one. 

Here's how to wirelessly charge your iPhone:

  1. Connect your charger to a power source 
  2. Place the charger on a flat surface 
  3. Place your iPhone onto the centre of the charger with the display facing upwards
  4. Your iPhone should charge within a few seconds

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