8 of the best Android games of 2015 so far

As we proved in our best of iOS post last week, there’s a lot more to mobile gaming than Game of War and Clash of Clans. While Android doesn’t quite have the same level of brilliant games as iOS, there are still plenty of great titles to enjoy on the …

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Nokia 7600

The worst phones of all time

We’ve never had it so good when it comes to phones. The iPhone 6S, the Samsung Galaxy S6, the LG G4: the list goes on. It’s taken a long time to get to this point though, and a lot of terrible phones too! Here are (some of) the worst mobile …

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Android Stagefright: What You Need To Know, and How to Protect Yourself

Security experts have uncovered a new security flaw in Android that could leave up to 950 million devices vulnerable to hackers. The flaw affects an Android media library called Stagefright, which processes media files, and allows hackers to access your device simply by sending malicious code disguised as a video …

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Get even more cash for your phone – unlock it!

Selling your phone? We’re now offering even more CASH for your device – and all you have to do is unlock it! When you sell a phone on our site, you can use the cash to buy a refurbished phone. But before that – let’s look at the steps to …

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Why you should be excited about Android M

We’ve been banging on a lot about Apple recently (mainly because of WWDC) but we haven’t forgotten about Android. On the contrary, in fact; we’re very, very excited about the newest Android update, M. In this post, we’re going to list a few of our favourite features from the brand …

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Galaxy Edge

5 of the best Android smartphones

Choosing an Android phone from the hundreds on the market is daunting. How do you pick out the quality phones from the mountain of average and terrible devices? We’re here to help: here are 5 of our favourite Android devices! Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge The S6, has put Samsung back …

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Runcible Phone

5 of the best smartphones you’ve never heard of

The likes of Samsung, Apple, HTC and LG have such a grasp on the smartphone market that its easy to forget there are hundreds of other manufacturers out there creating geniunely brilliant handsets. Here are a few fantastic smartphones you may not have heard of… Saygus V2 The Saygus V2 …

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