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Which director has directed the most films?

Directing a film is an arduous time-consuming task. Most directors only manage to make one film every couple of years, such is the stress and planning involved. Some, however, manage to churn out films like McDonald's churn out burgers. Here are the most prolific directors of the modern era (i.e. …

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5 incredible British Independent Film Awards winners you should watch immediately

<strong>Written by Jack Monaghan</strong> On Sunday 4<sup>th</sup> December 2016, the 18<sup>th</sup> edition of the <a title="British Independent Film Awards" href="">British Independent Film Awards (BIFAs)</a> will take place. Created in 1998 by Elliot Grove (founder of the multi-national independent film festival Raindance), the BIFAs celebrate the best of British independent filmmaking, …

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The 10 best British actors today (according to critics!)

Along with football and The Beatles, actors are one of Britain's greatest exports. Maybe it's the whole Shakespeare thing or maybe we're just extra good at playing pretend, but we churn out great actors like McVitie's churn out Digestives (other brands are available). But who is currently the greatest British …

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Dear movies: please leave London alone for a while

Say what you like about London – and we're sure many of you will – but the capital gets a hard time at the movies. Specifically, it gets destroyed in a lot of films. Thanks to the sheer number of iconic landmarks and the fact that New York has been …

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5 reasons you should watch more British films

2016 is going to be a huge year for movies, with Batman vs. Superman, Independence Day 2 and Captain America: Civil War all on the horizon. But apart from the usual Hollywood blockbusters, we reckon we should all start watching more British films too. And here's why! Find out who …

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James Bond

What are your top 5 Bond movies?

SPECTRE, the latest James Bond adventure, hit cinemas today. It's the 24th outing for everyone's favourite super spy and the series shows no sign of slowing down any time soon, despite Daniel Craig's apparent reluctance to continue in the role. The Bond series has had quite a few ups and …

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