What is the most valuable record ever made?

It’s no secret that music fans are willing to pay a lot of money for memorabilia. Special editions, tour exclusive t-shirts, locks of hair – the list goes on. Nothing is more valuable than a rare record, however. Here are the world’s most valuable albums and singles. (P.S: we’ve only …

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Next Big Thing

4 solo artists who could be the next big thing in music

After the monumental success of Ed Sheeran’s latest album and Rag N’ Bone Man’s meteoric rise to fame, everyone is looking for the next big thing. Here are a few singer songwriters we think you’ll be hearing a lot more of over the next year! Alex G Influenced by an …

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Rag N Bone Man

Introducing: Rag’n’Bone Man

A life-affirming and bluesy expression that can’t be missed, Human has put Rag’n’Bone Man on the map. He’s grabbed the public’s attention and proved his stripes as a fresh-thinking singer within a rap scene searching for unique creativity and individuality. Also known as Rory Graham, Rag’n’Bone is a Sussex born …

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What is the best selling British album of all time?

If you’ve been walking around with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, you may have missed the fact that the Brit Awards were on recently. As well as being annual excuse for the nation’s most beloved musicians to go out and get ridiculously drunk, the awards celebrate …

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Live band

5 Up-And-Coming Bands To Catch Live This Year

There are loads of exciting artists coming out of the UK music scene at the moment, and most of them will undoubtedly be playing in a town near you at some point this year! Here are five bands you should definitely check out when they play your local venue. BLACK …

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Album Covers

The best vinyl artwork of the past 5 years

Vinyl is well and truly back. Over 3 million records were sold in 2016, a 25 year high. There are plenty of reasons for vinyl’s big comeback: the sound quality, the collectible nature of records, the limited edition releases. And then there’s the artwork. Buying vinyl allows music lovers to …

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All Time Featured Image

What do the top songs and albums of all time taste like?

Ever heard of Synaesthesia? This neurological condition causes two senses to be involuntarily connected. When you hear something, you may be able to see patterns, colours and textures. Or you may be able to taste a particular food or flavour. We wanted to find out what the UK’s top songs …

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UK Top 2016 Featured Image

What do 2016’s biggest songs taste like?

Ever heard of synaesthesia? It’s the involuntary connection of two senses; artists like Pharrell Williams and Kanye West have it. For Pharrell and Kanye, they see sounds. So, the jingle of piano keys can conjure up the colours, patterns and textures. For other people, they are able to taste sounds. …

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