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The 10 Best Albums of the 80s

Emerging from the previous decade of punk-based sounds, the 80s was a time for experimentation, and in turn became one of the most iconic decades in the world of music.  So whilst the 80s might remind you of crazy colourful outfits, perms, shoulder pads, and generally outrageous hairdos – it's …

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5 of the best Rock memoirs

At the height of their fame, rockstars make amazing music, tour the world and make quite a few stories! These stories deserve to be shared with the world, so many decide to write memoirs when the party ends and they get off the tour bus. We've made a list of …

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How to have your own Download Festival at home!

This weekend, thousands of rock fans will descend on Donington Park for 3 joyous days of rock and metal from some of the world's biggest and best bands. If you're one of the many unlucky enough not to be going (*raises hand, weeps quietly*), don't fret "" you can still …

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20 essential rock albums from the 2000s

The naughties were a great time for rock music, whether you were a skinny-jean sporting indie kid, a fully fledged emo or someone who just likes a good riff and sing along chorus. With a nostalgic tear in our eye, we've picked 20 of our favourite rock albums from the …

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