5 of the best phones released in 2019 (so far!)

Upgrading your phone? With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming. To help you, we looked at some of the best devices released this year, with their key features, so you can choose your next phone. Google Pixel 3a Whilst the Google Pixel 3 is only a few …

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Which phones are the best value for money?

Smartphone prices are increasing every year. Some get small upgrades whereas others blow us away with their innovation! It’s tricky to find the real value before you pay for your new phone. We’ve looked at some of the best value phones you can get your hands on! iPhone 7 If …

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Three new Samsung Galaxy phones unveiled

New pages on the Samsung website seem to confirm that three Galaxy A phones are on their way. The Samsung Galaxy S10 range ships today, but it appears the smartphone giant are set on what is coming next. The phones are named A20e, A40 and A90. Although pages have been …

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Samsung Unpacked: Everything you need to know

Samsung’s long anticipated devices that commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy line have finally been unveiled. In recent weeks, the phones have been heavily leaked and it looks like these inside sources were true on many fronts. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Samsung releases. Three …

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230 new emojis to be released this year

The Unicode Consortium has approved a total of 230 new emojis to be released with the 2019 Emoji 12.0 update. The update covers a number of bases with the inclusion of a Yawning Face, Gender Inclusive couples in a range of skin tones and a kneeling person. Disabilities will be …

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What is the most traded device over Christmas?

Did you get a new device this Christmas? Plenty of us did, and there’s only one thing to do with your old piece of tech – trade it in for cash! Over Christmas and Boxing Day, people all across the UK were securing the best trade-in prices for their phones, …

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How quickly does your phone depreciate in value?

As tech gets ever more complex and new models launch more frequently, your smartphone loses value pretty quickly. But did you know your phone could be shedding value even faster than your car? It’s true. New cars might be notorious for their depreciation, but our research has uncovered that your …

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