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Free Courier T&Cs


The Company agrees, only subject to these Terms and Conditions, to carry goods that its accepts (goods that musicMagpie accepts are only those items/products or goods that musicMagpie accept are those that that you have sold to musicMagpie by successfully entering/scanning the barcode or name, make, model or IMEI number of the item using a musicMagpie valuation service, getting an offer price and creating a unique order which contains these items and having it accepted by musicMagpie who provide email confirmation to you of a successfully completed order and been offered the use of our FREE Courier Service for) agreed upon by the Company and the Customer.

The Company is not a carrier and the Customer accepts that the Company will use third party carriage partners to provide and fulfil its FREE Courier Service. If you are eligible for our FREE Courier Service the option will be made available when you complete your order.

Each individual transaction has a unique “Order Number” which is issued to the customer upon completion of each individual transaction.