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In these Conditions

  • “Company” shall mean Entertainment Magpie Limited
  • "Agent" shall mean a person who acts on another’s behalf.
  • "Consignee" shall mean the intended recipient of the Shipment as specified to the Company by the Customer.
  • "Contract" shall mean the contract of carriage of a Parcel between the Customer and the Company, which shall be deemed to be incorporated into these Conditions.
  • "Customer" shall mean the person, or legal entity that enters into a contract for carriage of a Parcel with the Company.
  • " FREE Courier Service" shall mean a service offered by the Company.
  • "Parcels" are defined as weighing less than 15kg and with a maximum of 120cm for the largest single dimension (usually length) or a combined dimension of 225cm, calculated using the largest single dimension plus two times each of the other dimensions.
  • "Shipment" shall mean one or more Parcels sent at one time from the same Customer from one address to a Consignee at another address.
  • "Goods not accepted for carriage" means any items that are NOT items/products or goods that musicMagpie accept and that you have sold to musicMagpie by successfully entering/scanning the barcode or name, make, model or IMEI number of the item using a musicMagpie valuation service, getting an offer price and creating a unique order which contains these items and having it accepted by musicMagpie who provide email confirmation to you of a successfully completed order and been offered the use of our FREE Courier Service for.
  • “Leave Safe Service” shall mean the service by which a Customer decides at their sole discretion to leave the parcel in (a)another place other than inside the their home address and informs the courier where to collect the parcel that is not secured in their home and/or in their possession from.