6 tech predictions that came true

Who knew the internet would be such an important part of our lives when it started out? In fact, who knew the internet would be a thing at all? It turns out that over centuries (yes, literally), plenty of people have had wild predictions for what is to come in …

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11 skills that are dying out as technology advances

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at an incredible rate. Some of the biggest companies in the world are only a few years old, there’s an app for just about everything and we’re rarely without a device in our hands. With our lives becoming undeniably easier, what do we …

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How important will tablets become?

When you consider your tech devices, what do you own? Many of us still have laptops and more and more people are using smartphones than ever before. In between those two comes the tablet. It’s bigger than a phone but it’s not quite as powerful as a laptop. The tech …

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Are tablets good for children?

Technology is a huge part of our daily lives as adults, and is becoming more commonplace for children too. Tablets are replacing textbooks and notebooks in school and children are learning faster how to work devices. Are tablets educational for a child? Should your little one be on a screen …

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All the big news from Apple WWDC 2017

As expected, Apple made a couple of big announcements at their Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Here’s what you need to know! iOS 11 Apple has fallen behind in the personal assistant game, so it’s no surprise that Siri is receiving an update in iOS 11. New features include contextual learning, which …

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Is the new iPad worth it?

Apple product launches are typically grand affairs, so it was surprising when Apple announced the new iPad in a short press release a few weeks ago. It was so subtle that you’d be forgiven for missing it entirely, although that may be the point; it turns out the new iPad …

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Should you buy an iPad?

Just over seven years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad. Rocking his trademark black polo neck and blue dad jeans, the Apple mastermind kicked back in a seat and proudly showed off his team’s new invention, a device that was bigger and better than the iPhone and …

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What will Apple make next?

Apple is the most valuable company in the world, raking in more cash per year than most small countries. So everyone was understandably concerned when Apple announced they made slightly less money than usual last year. Sales fell by around £5.5 billion, the first time they’ve declined in 13 years, …

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