00s one-hit wonders: where are they now?

The 2000s gave us many great things: social media, smartphones, Breaking Bad, Kanye West and relatively few dodgy haircuts.

The greatest legacy of the decade known as the noughties, however, was the novelty one-hit wonder single. Forget the 80s; the 00s gave us a ridiculous number of terrible songs that somehow captured the public’s imagination and, in some cases, forced them to perform embarrassing choreographed dances at parties.

But what has become of the 2000s one-hit wonders? Where are they now, and what are they doing? We decided to investigate.

The Baha Men


…Who, who who who?

Sorry, they’re the band that ‘gifted’ the world Who Let The Dogs Out.

For those of you too young to remember, Who Let The Dogs Out was a smash hit in 2000. As the title suggests, it was a song about dogs escaping from somewhere and featured three grown men barking like dogs – it won a Grammy too. The 2000s were a strange time.

Where are they now?

Time hasn’t been kind to Who Let The Dogs Out. In 2007, it came 3rd in Rolling Stone’s Most Annoying Songs list. AOL Radio went one further, naming it the 2nd worst song ever. It’s fair to say it won’t be remembered in the same way as Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Yet The Baha Men were around long before Who Let The Dogs Out (they formed in 1980) and they’ll likely be around long after. They’re still together and were due to release a new album in February, although we can’t find any trace of it.

Las Ketchup


Las Ketchup consisted of 3 Spanish sisters with an unnerving love for everyone’s favourite red condiment.

Their love of ketchup was such that they wrote a song about it. Remarkably, that song – The Ketchup Song – sold over 7 million copies and spawned a novelty dance that made anyone over the age of 14 look stupid.

Amazingly, their debut album performed even better than The Ketchup Song, shifting over 12 million copies.

Where are they now?

In 2006, Las Ketchup released their 2nd album, Un Blodymary, named after a drink which consists mainly of tomato juice. The general public, thirsty for more songs about ketchup, wasn’t having it; the band entered Eurovision in 2006 with the lead single from the album and came 18th. They disbanded shortly afterwards and presumably spend their days enjoying all the ketchup they bought with their royalties.

DJ Casper


If you don’t know the name, you’ll definitely know the song. DJ Casper is the chap responsible for the Cha Cha Slide, a towering monstrosity of a song that dominated dancefloors in 2004 and is still a fixture at naff discos everywhere.

Where is he now?

We don’t actually know. Shortly after his megahit, DJ Casper apparently disappeared off the face of the planet. The internet can’t even agree on his real name. A few more DJ Casper’s have cropped up over the years, but none of them are our dancing hero.

We like to imagine he retired off the profits from Cha Cha Slide and now spends his days chilling on a far-flung one-hit wonder island with Las Ketchup and the Baha Men.



The man behind the legendary UK #4 hit Tipsy, a song about having a few too many down the local club.

Where is he now?

Shortly after the success of Tipsy, J-Kwon was invited to perform a track for XXX: State of the Union. Unfortunately, it was about as successful as the film it appeared in and J-Kwon gradually disappeared from the public eye.

Then, in 2010, J-Kwon briefly reappeared in the public eye for – ironically – disappearing from the face of the planet, with even his record label unable to find him. He reappeared shortly afterwards and released an album, which also flopped.

It’s not all bad news, though. In an interview, none other than Kanye West named Tipsy as one of his favourite songs and claimed it was a major inspiration for his album Yeezus. So, technically, J-Kwon was responsible for one of the biggest albums of 2013.

Frankee and Eamon


The warring couple who released the charmingly titled F**k It and F**k You Right Back in 2004. Both were megahits, and possibly the only major hit singles to reference sexually transmitted diseases. Lovely.

Where are they now?

Shortly after Frankee released her foul-mouthed comeback to her supposed ex-boyfriend, it emerged that the two were never actually together. Eamon claimed that he picked out Frankee at an audition, before changing his story to claim she did it off her own back. Whatever the story, it was clear that we were fed a big fat lie.

Needless to say, karma kicked in. Frankee disappeared soon after. Eamon, meanwhile, went on a ridiculous streak of bad luck. He was invited to open a tour for Britney Spears, only for her to break her leg and cancel the tour. His second album flopped soon after.

Things appeared to be turning around when he signed a $1 million record deal…only for the company to fail to pay him for his work (according to his Wikipedia page, at least). After a prolonged legal battle, Eamon was released from his contract but wasn’t allowed to release the album he’d spent years working on. As he said himself: f*** it.

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