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Terms and Conditions

Lost or Stolen Packages

14.1 If you believe that your Package has been lost, damaged or stolen (subject to our confirmation that we have not received your Package) you will be required to provide a valid returns receipt which you will have been provided with by the relevant carrier (being either Hermes ParcelShop, the Post Office, MyHermes or DPD).

14.2 It is your responsibility to obtain a receipt from the carrier and retain this for tracking and insurance purposes. If you cannot provide a valid returns receipt for the Package you wish to claim for then you may not be able to claim for any loss or damage to your Package.

14.3 You must notify us in writing of any loss or damage, giving rise to a claim within twenty-eight (28) days of the date on which your Package was accepted by the Hermes ParcelShop, Post Office or MyHermes as applicable (the date of which will be shown on your returns receipt). If you sent your Items with a DPD courier, you'll need to notify us within 7 days of your collection date. This is so we can submit a claim within the deadlines set by third parties.

14.4 If you fail to provide a valid receipt within twenty-eight (28) days of the date of your returns receipt, (or seven (7) days if you sent your Items with a DPD courier), we shall not be liable for any loss or damage, unless you are able to demonstrate to our satisfaction that it was not reasonably possible for you to advise us or make such claim in writing within the twenty-eight (28) day (or seven (7) day if you sent you Items with a DPD courier) time period and subject to you then providing such advice or claim within a reasonable time.

14.5 We shall be entitled to make such investigations as we deem necessary to satisfy ourselves of the validity of any such claim.

14.6 In calculating the value of any claim we shall accept no other valuations than our own for the Items that you may be claiming for and under no circumstances do we accept any liability for any other loss, damage or compensation resulting from the use of our Delivery Services.

14.7 We will notify you in writing of the outcome of our investigation and, if your claim is successful, payment of the Valuation will be made via the payment method specified in your account on the Website.