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Selling your stuff

5.1         There are three categories of Items which you can sell to us. These are:

a)      Media (which includes CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, Games (hardware only), Books, etc.); and

b)      Tech (which includes mobile phones, Apple goods, laptops, Kindles, tablets, games consoles, wearables, cameras, etc.).

c)       LEGO®

5.2         It is important to understand which category your Item falls under as different terms will apply. We will send you a Pack & Send Guide when we confirm your order and this will confirm whether each of your items are classed as Tech, Media or LEGO®.

5.3         When you sell an Item to us through our Website, the order process will work as follows:

a)      you will be asked to select the type of Tech or Media that you wish to sell (e.g. CD, DVD, iPhone);

b)      for Media Items you will then be asked to enter a barcode (or scan the barcode using our Mobile Application);

c)      for Tech Items you will be asked to enter the make and model of your item;

d)     for Tech items you will then be asked to select the condition of your Item and for some items, specify whether the device is unlocked or locked to a network;

e)    if you're selling LEGO®, you'll be asked to provide the weight of your LEGO® to the nearest 0.5kg.

f)     at this stage you will be provided with a valuation for your Item (a “Valuation”);

g)     you can add a number of Items to each order (subject to the restrictions set out in these Terms and Conditions);

h)     once you are happy with your selection and the Valuation provided you will then click on ‘Confirm your Order’;

i)     you will then be presented with two options, either to ‘Accept T&Cs’ or ‘Reject T&Cs’. It is important that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions before you click ‘Accept T&Cs’;

j)     you will then be asked to register your account or sign-in if you are registered already;

k)     you will then be asked how you want to be paid, either by bank transfer, PayPal, donation to charity or by cheque;

l)     we will then ask you to select your send option and provide any associated details;

m)     finally, you will click ‘Confirm Your Order’ to confirm and place your order; and

n)     we will follow this up with a confirmation email enclosing your Pack & Send Guide. You will need to be able to print off the label(s) contained in your Pack & Send Guide to attach to your Package to send your Items to us.