Terms and Conditions

Data Removal

19.1 We recommend that you delete all personal information (“Data”) that is or may be stored on your Tech Item (including images, passwords, songs etc.)

19.2 Please ensure that you remove any SIM, media storage, memory cards or similar devices from your Tech Items prior to sending them to us.

19.3 If we discover that your Item includes any of the devices set out in condition 19.2, we shall have no responsibility to return these and shall dispose of them responsibly.

19.4 We shall have no liability for any losses, claims or damages arising in respect of any Data which you fail to delete from your Tech Item (whether knowingly or unknowingly).

19.5 Please note that it is your responsibility to remove Data from any Tech Item prior to sending it to us and to cancel any contracts (e.g. with your 'phone company) linked to the Item.

19.6 There are free online guides explaining how to delete Data from your Tech Items, which we recommend that you read.