Terms and Conditions

Sending Your Items To Us

10.1         We offer several ways to send your Items to us for free, including the following delivery services (Delivery Services):

  • Evri Courier Service
  • Royal Mail Send Service
  • Evri Parcelshop Send Service
  • ASDA toyou Send Service
  • SMARTDrop Kiosk

We will offer the most relevant send option for your items at the check. Please read the Pack & Send Guide we provide after you complete your order carefully for full details on how to send your items.

10.2         These Delivery Services only apply to Items that you have offered to sell to us by completing an order with us per the order process set out in these Terms and Conditions.

10.3         Collection by a carrier of any Items under these Delivery Services does not mean that we have confirmed acceptance of the Items that you have sent. Acceptance of the Items will only be confirmed once they have passed the Quality Assessment (details of which can be found below).

10.4         SMARTDrop Kiosk. You will be offered this choice if you have a qualifying product and live within 20 miles of SMARTDrop Kiosk unit location.

10.5        You acknowledge and agree that we shall have complete discretion as to the method of transport and route of any Package.